Women in Venice: the painters

Itinerary about the women venetian paintersRosalba Carriera, Giulia Lama, Marietta Robusti: Venetian women that today are considered as important personalities of the Italian Art History. This itinerary wants to present their life and work, through the visit of the places where they lived and where their paintings are kept.

In about 3 hours we will follow the traces of Rosalba Carriera, today considered one of the main female painters of the world, who brought the pastel technique to its maximum achievements; we will explore the Sestiere of Dorsoduro, where she was born and lived, and we will admire her works at the Accademia Galleries or in Ca’ Rezzonico.

Here you can stop, or you can decide to continue with us to Santa Maria Formosa, looking for Giulia Lama, and finally walk to the wonderful district of Madonna dell’Orto, where the East and the West meet each other today as in the past, and where Marietta Robusti, the daughter of the great Jacopo Tintoretto, was born.

The complete itinerary lasts a full day or two halves day (about 6 hours), and it is a good occasion to visit some very beautiful places, churches and museums that are not so well known by tourists but where you can find the authentic soul of Venice. However, it is possible to just have a brief tour focused on Rosalba Carriera, that lasts about 3 hours.

The Meeting Point of the Itinerary about the women Venetian painters is in front of the Accademia Gallery.

Itinerary created in collaboration with Dr. Nicoletta Consentino

For information and reservations: info@laltravenezia.it

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