Courteous tourism in Venice

Courteous tourism for VeniceMore and more often we talk about the necessity to produce models of tourism fruition that are sustainable (which don’t have impact on the ecosystem), responsible (which involve the tourist in a conscious process of appropriation), accessible (opened to all the categories, from the elderly to the disabled people). We want to epitomize all these qualities in the “Courteous Tourism“.

The purpose is to provide to visitors in Venice the experience of the city through the eyes of those who live it.
Our proposal for a courteous tourism is focuses primarily on three factors:
1. A brief description of the contradictions and the wonder of living in Venice, from the extraordinary story of the ancient city / archipelago (a few thousand fishermen and traders distributed in hundreds of islands) to the risk of the monothematic / tourism park (22 million visitors concentrated on the St. Mark area )
2. a rowing experience, with Venetian rowing class, on a traditional boat along the canals
3. a lesson in traditional Venetian cuisine inspired by the recipes from the lagoon and the High Adriatic sea

On these basic ideas we have developed three possible cultural routes, which rotate around a home-studio overlooking the water, where take places the lesson with audiovisual, from which starts the school of venetian rowing and we sail to places connected to the chosen theme, and where eventually we can cook and dining.
The house-studio is also the seat of the Cultural Association Venti di Cultura, whose mission is to narrate the territories through cultural cabotage.
After our cabotages have sailed the ancient routes of Venice to the east till Istanbul, than the cathedrals of labor along the circumnavigation of the Italian coast, or the cultural resources of the lagoon and its tributaries, now we offer a series of routes on the track of an authentic experience of living in this amphibious city.

Venice and contemporary, its transformations and contradictions: mini conference on the topic + boat ride (with lesson of Venetian rowing) between Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Palazzo Grassi and Guggenheim
Venice and its typical products, including shipyards and craftsmen: mini conference on the topic + boat ride (with lesson of Venetian rowing) between Squero Casal dei Servi and artisan workshops
Venice and its gastronomic tradition: mini conference on the topic + boat ride (with lesson of Venetian rowing) between the Rialto market and the typical “bacari”

As an additional option to the three proposals it s possible to organize a dinner in a private house with Venetian cooking lessons dedicated to the culture of traditional food in the lagoon and in the Adriatic sea.

The itineraries are realized in collaboration with The Other Venice
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