Venetian rowing lessons

Venitian rowing lessonThe tourist offer of Venice Tours is enriched with a new proposal:

the Venetian rowing lesson.



The “Venetian rowing” is a very special technique used to row Venetian boats.
We all have in mind the image of the gondolier who, with grace and elegance, leads his boat along the canals of Venice, and almost everybody have felt the magic of sitting blissfully on these waterways. But why not to thrill the emotion  of being on the side of the rower? Become an active part and enjoy the boat as a true Venetian, is without doubt a unique experience in Venice!

The goal, however, is not only to have fun while learning and enjoying the beauty of Venice seen from the water, but also
to raise the awareness of the visitor towards a very old and unique tradition, respecting the environment and the Venetian culture.

The lesson is divided into two parts: the first hour takes place in the dock of the Arsenal of Venice, where you learn the basics of the technique (where you have the practically unique possibility to see the Arsenale from the inside!), then during the second hour you can go to the lagoon or along the canals of the Castello district.


Venetian rowing lessons









Venetian rowing is more than just a technique, it is a direct manifestation of a spirit that has spanned centuries of history, is the direct tale of a harmony of a nation  with an environment that is as special as the lagoon.

There you take home, in short, not only a good experience, but a piece of the soul of Venice.


The lessons are organized in collaboration with a local Cultural Association

For information and reservations:



La Voga alla Veneta: Il Cuore della Venezianità on Vimeo.

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